This is a Complete List of every trainer and thier Pokemon roster. This will be similar to's Pokearth.

Littleroot Town

No Trainers Listed

Route 101

Trainers Pokemon
Zombie Kid Liam                   Boilbasaur Lv.3

Oldale Town

Trainers Pokemon
Deathcaller ???? (Alicia) Sneasel Lv. 5

Route 102]

Ghost Girl Lizzie:

Polihag. Lv.4

Rotmander. Lv.4

Ghost Girl Rica:

Graveill. Lv.4

Graveill. Lv.4

Ghost Girl Janice:

Rotmander. Lv.9

Zombie Kid Allen:

Boilbasaur. Lv.5

Boilbasaur. Lv.6

Petalburg City

Ghost Girl Dani:

Oozle. Lv.7

Route 104

Looter Laurence:

Seedot. Lv.6

Taillow. Lv.8

Looter Richie:

Surskit. Lv.11

Survivor Lyle:

Slakoth. Lv.7

Ralts. Lv.7

Wurmple. Lv.7

Petalburg Woods

Demon Corpse Zabulon:

Houndsour. Lv.11

Dirtkrow. Lv.13

Demon Corpse Andromalius:

Secretegg. Lv.12

Route 104 (After Woods)

Survivor Tilly:

Poochyena Lv.11

Fisherman Dustan:

Magikarp. Lv.19

Magikarp. Lv.19

Magikarp. Lv.19

Zombie Kid Harvey:

Rotmander. Lv.10

Graveill. Lv.10

Zombie Dou Doug & Lola:

Shrivlsaur. Lv.10

Entrailtle. Lv.12

Rustboro City

Demon Corpse Orobas:

Dirtkrow. Lv.16

Severed Head Kent:

Eye-Eye. Lv.14

Eye-Eye. Lv.14

Severed Head Benji:

Eye-Eye. Lv.14

Deathcaller Alicia:

Sableye. Lv.10

Shuppet. Lv.10

Sneasel. Lv.15

Route 205

Taoist Gleis:

Faceleech. Lv.17

Rusturf Tunnel

Demon Belial:

Anorith. Lv.16

Anorith. Lv.17

Demon Asmodeus:

Anorith. Lv.16

Anorith. Lv.17


Horseman Pestilence:

Moulder. Lv.16

Moulder. Lv.17

Qwilfish. Lv.18

Route 206

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