Shaderu sprite

Shaderu is a Ghost Normal type Pokémon with the ability Levitate. It is a ball of darkness with an outstretched hand. It is genderless and defeating it will yield 2 Attack EVs and 1 Special Defense EV. It cannot breed. Shaderu is a recolored Ghastly sprite with one of Haunter's hands added in.

Pokédex Entry

Color: Black
Height: 3.0m or 9'10"
Weight: 0.1 kg or 0.2 lbs.

Legend states that SHADERU is invisible. This is incorrect, of course - all it does is shroud itself in a dark cloud made of the burned souls of a thousand unborn children.


Like Turmur, Shaderu has a specific and lengthy task. You have to go around Hoenn and collect a TOTAL of 50 Broken Hearts. Once all 50 are in your possession, go to the Berry Master. He will give you a Spatial Pass. Take this pass to the second floor of the Slateport Museum and go to the top cylander exhibit to encounter Shaderu.

Held Items

  • Curséd Skull
  • Plus Band

Base stats

Stat Value
HP 100
Attack 160
Defense 100
Special Attack 100
Special Defence 160
Speed 100
Total 720


By Leveling Up

Level Move Type Power Acc. PP
01 Recover Normal -- -- 10
01 Astonish Ghost 30 100 15
05 Swift Normal 60 -- 20
10 Glare Normal -- 100 30
15 Rapid Spin Normal 20 100 40
20 Shadow Punch Dark 60 -- 20
25 Refresh Normal -- -- 20
30 Body Slam Normal 85 100 15
35 Double-Edge Normal 120 100 15
40 Future Sight Psychic 120 100 10
45 Shadow Ball Ghost 80 100 15
50 Pulsar

HMs and TMs

  • Shaderu can learn all TMs and HMs.

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