Encountered in Madio Cave on Route 121 at level 1.

190. Seamadio

Ht, Wt: 3'11", 253.6 lbs

Type: Ghost/Water

Ability: Run Away/Arena Trap

Gender Ratio: None

Catch Rate: 45

Breedable: Yes (Indeterminate, Water 2)

Pokedex Entry: The Water Pokemon. Seamadio is part of the Madio family. It is by no means the strongest, or the most lovable, but it's much better than Kingmadio .

Base Stats

Base Stats
Hp. 55
Atk. 40
Def. 55
Sp. Atk. 70
Sp. Def. 55
Spd.  85
Bst. 360

Move Set

Start Teleport
Level 7 Leer
Level 14 Astonish
Level 17 Glare
Level 24 Water Pulse
Level 32 Swift
Level 44 Surf
Level 50 Mean Look
Level 60 Shadow Swipe

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