One of five items which can be turned into Pokemon in the Endless Plains of Fort Draco along with Scruffy Chick, Sparkly Pony, Flash Puppy, and Thunder Cub. This particular item becomes a Meowth if successfully raised. This item as well as the others like it, with the exception of Thunder Cub, can be purchased in Fortree City at the old secret base shop. Thunder Cub is obtained as part of the mush mask trading quest, and is unique, where as you may purchase as many of the other four as you would like, however due to the high cost and relatively high success rate of raising these Pokemon at Fort Draco, it is not recommended to purchase more than would be reasonably needed. All Meowth raised will be given to the player character at level 10 with the moves Scratch and Growl. Sex and personality are seemingly random.