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Normadio is a Ghost/Normal type Pokémon with the abilities Clear Body or Hustle. It is a genderless pink sphere encountered in Madio Cave. It has an abnormally high HP stat (Base HP value is 200).

Pokedex Entry

Type: Normal Ball
Color: Pink
Height: 1.1m or 3'07"
Weight: 64.8 kg or 142.9 lbs.

It looks a lot like a ping pong ball.
With a nose.


By Level Up

Level Move Type  Power Acc. PP
1 Teleport Psychic -- -- 20
5 Tackle Normal 35 95 35
11 Scary Face Normal -- 90 10
17 Odor Sleuth Normal -- -- 40
23 Astonish Ghost 15 100 30
31 Smellingsalt Normal 60 100 10
38 Covet Normal 40 100 40
42 Slack Off Normal -- -- 10

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