Kenchira's Pokedex sprite.

Kenchira have only been found on Mt. Pyre in the tall grass. It isn't known if Kenchira are found elsewhere. From further testing they are found in the grass near the satchel  that heals your Pokemon. They have a small chance to appear and a chance to hold an Anadrin Talon.

331. Kenchira

Ht: 0.4m or 1'4''

Wt: 51.3 kg or 113.1 lbs

Type: Normal/Flying

Ability: Speed Boost/Guts

Gender Ratio: 50/50

Catch Rate: 5 

Breedable: ---

 Pokedex Entry: The Stick Wield Pokemon. Kenchira pretends it is a mighty samurai. It fights all comers with a stick, and usually loses. On the rare occasions it does win, it is so surprised that it is instantly disarmed.


They appear from level 35 to Level 39 and they evolve at level 48 into Kenchukuo

Base Stats
Hp. 36
Atk. 76
Def. 54
Sp. Atk. 9
Sp. Def. 24
Spd.  125
Best: 326

Move Sets

Level Move Type Power Acc. PP
01 Rolling Kick Fighting 60 85 15
05 Gust Flying 40 100 35
07 Leer Normal -- 100 35
15 Mach Punch Fighting 40 100 30
22 Skullbreaker Fighting 85 85 10
30 Belly Drum Normal -- -- 10
38 Sky Uppercut Fighting 85 90 15
45 Slash Normal 70 100 20
52 Swords Dance Normal -- -- 20

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