There are various locations in Snakewood in which the player can obtain certain items for free, and there is no limit to how many items can be received. Of course, this also gives the player access to infinite money obtained by selling these items. Listed in the order in which they appear in the game. Spam the "A" button to your heart's content!

Free items and locations:

  • Light Potion (Petalburg City): In Wally's house (the northwestern-most house), there's a silver crate.
  • Light Potion (Rustboro City): There's a silver crate in the southeast part of town, in the open.
  • Poké Ball (S.S. Cangrejo): Go down the stairs next to the elevator. Then, go down the stairs to the right. There is a Poké Ball machine in the middle of the room. If you have the Arclight Spanner, the Poké Balls will be free. If not, you have to pay regular price. You can visit the S.S. Cangrejo at any time, even after the main story events on it, by going to Meteor Falls. After entering Meteor Falls (at either entrance), go up all the stairs and into the cave opening in the top left corner. You will see two Strength boulders. Stand to the right of the top boulder, and then walk to the right. Select "Yes" at the prompt.
  • Super Potion (Lilycove Sewers): At the entrance, get onto land immediately on the left. Go along the path until you reach the point where you can surf on the right. Surf and go down, then surf right as far as you can. Surf straight down until you see the island platform with the sign. From here, surf left as far as you can. Now surf down, and then get onto land on the left. Once on land, walk up and follow the path to the silver crate.
  • Chikuwa (Pacifidlog Town): In the southern-most house, talk to the little girl.
  • Some Teeth (Pacifidlog Town): In the gym (just north of the town), talk to the mirror and select "Break it!" This only works before you beat the gym leader.
  • Either/Choc Orange/Turmurspore (Sootopolis City): Right after finishing the Abandoned Mine, talk to the bartender in the Pokémon Center.

Item renames:

  • Light Potion = Choc Orange = Potion
  • Chikuwa = Full Heal
  • Some Teeth = King's Rock
  • Turmurspore = Sacred Ash