Found in Madio Cave on Route 121.

185. Gluemadio Ht, Wt: 3'11", 83.8 lbs Type: Ghost/Poison Ability: Liquid Ooze/Air Lock Gender Ratio: None Catch Rate: 45 Breedable: Yes (Indeterminate, Mineral) Pokedex Entry: The Toxic Pokemon. One of the Madio family of Pokemon. Its toxic glues are completely impervious to all solvents except pectin. Which is odd as it is not a solvent.


Hp. 70
Atk. 100
Def. 60
Sp. Atk 30
Sp. Def. 65
Spd. 30
Best: 355

Move Set

Start Teleport
Level 5 Spider Web
Level 14 Leer
Level 19 Acid Armor
Level 24 Acid
Level 32 Shadow Ball
Level 41 Poison Gas
Level 50 Poison Slash
Level 61 Memento

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