Home to Meteor and His Dragon army, it has replaced Mossdeep City in Pokemon Snakewood. It contains a Pokemon Center, a Pokemart, an entrance into the Endless Plains that contains the Pet Master, and a Tower where Meteor as well as several rare and unique pokemon can be found.It is home to Pokemon and Fakemon including Psypig, Torkoal, Vulpix, and Noctowl. Blitzle, Meowth, Growlithe, Shinx, and Doduo can also be found here, however they must be obtained by giving their respective items to the Pet Master and having the item be succesfully raised into the desired pokemon.Glute, a unique fakemon, can be obtained by failing to properly raise a Blitzle by the Pet Master. Fort Draco is also home to the legendary fakemon Tea Barqan. It is recommended that you do everything that you can (such as restocking items and visting The Pet Master) before talking to Meteor at the Fort Draco Tower and moving on with the story, as returning to Fort Draco can be difficult until much later on, and is only possible through a passage in Victory Road. You cannot fly back here, so make your first trip count.

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