Encountered in Madio Cave on Route 121 at level 1.


187. Earthmadio Ht, Wt: 2'7", 1.1 lbs

Type: Ghost/Ground

Ability: Lightningrod/Rock Head

Gender Ratio: None

Catch Rate: 45

Breedable: Yes (Indeterminate, Mineral)

Pokedex Entry: The Earth Pokemon. Earthmadio float as if suspended by some enchanted power. They are preyed upon by Hoppip.

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Base Stats
Hp. 80
Atk. 70
Def. 80
Sp. Atk. 20
Sp. Def. 70
Spd.  40
Best: 360

Move Set

Start Teleport
Level 5 Egg Bomb
Level 11 Mean Look
Level 20 Fissure
Level 27 Magnitude
Level 35 Rock Blast
Level 38 Take Down
Level 38 Double-Edge
Level 42 Petal Dance
Level 56 Mimic
Level 98  Data Stream

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