Dragoone is a new Pokemon that exists in Snakewood. It evolves from Linoone starting at level 41. It is the final form of Zigzagoon. It is a Normal/Dragon type with the abilities Bulletproof and Pickup.

Dragoon is a small, slim, snake-like Pokémon with a body similar to that of Rayquaza's. It's body is a light cream color with brown patterns placed all around. It has blue trapezoid shaped eyes set at the edge of the brown stripes on its neck on both sides. It has 3 fingers on each arm, and the nails curl at the end. It has 5 small spikes on its head and its body appears divided into 5 segments, the 5th and smallest being the tail, and the first and largest being the head and neck.


Base stats

Stat Value
HP 88
Attack 97
Defense 50
Special Attack 78
Special Defence 175
Speed 78
Total 566

Level Up Moves

Level Move
01 Tackle
10 Headbutt
13 Sand-Attack
17 Odor Sleuth
23 Mud Sport
41 Slash
45 Fire Pump
45 Dig
46 Draco Fury
50 Outrage
60 Shadow Swipe

HMs and TMs

Dragoone does not learn any TMs.

Dragoone learns every HM.


Category: Hidden Machine Rusher Pokémon
Color: Brown
Height: 0.8m or 2'7"
Weight: 15kg or 33.1 lbs

DRAGOONE is like an idea: bullet-proof. It also has very large Special Defence, for no reason other than that it's sensible. Yeah, you heard me.

Entry 1: It is known for learning all HM's imaginable. Due to this, it is also endangered, being hunted for its usefulness.

Entry 2: It has a long body allowing it to move with ease and escape predators. It has some trouble hunting, since its prey often see its body before it attacks and flees.


Dragoone is an ideal HM slave as it can learn every HM. To learn any

TMs, Dragoone must be taught them before it evolves from Linoone. Also, Linoone learns Rest and Belly Drum at levels 47 and 53 respectively, which Dragoone cannot learn otherwise.