Encountered in Madio Cave on Route 121 at level 1. The only Madio that can Evolve. Burstmadio Evolves into Blastmadio via Fire Stone.

191. Burstmadio

Ht, Wt: 3'7", 4.0 lbs

Type: Ghost/Fire

Ability: Magma Armor/Flash Fire

Gender Ratio: None

Catch Rate: 45

Breedable: Yes (Indeterminate, Fairy)

Pokedex Entry: The Explosion Pokemon. One of the Madio family. Burstmadio can explode with lethal force. It can then reform as each of its fragments possesses its own limbs.

Base Stats

Base Stats
Hp. 30
Atk. 50
Def. 30
Sp. Atk. 67
Sp. Def. 48
Spd.  60
Best: 285

Move Set

Start Explosion
Level 5 Teleport
Level 11 Mean Look
Level 23 Pain Split
Level 27 Block
Level 33 Flame Wheel
Level 40 Perish Song
Level 45 Shadow Ball
Level 50 Endure