Encountered in Madio Cave on Route 121 at level 1.


188. Bonemadio

Ht, Wt: 2'7", 2.2 lbs

Type: Ghost/Disease

Ability: Levitate/Speed Boost

Gender Ratio: None

Catch Rate: 45

Breedable: Yes (Indeterminate, Monster)

Pokedex Entry: The Bony Road Pokemon. Bonemadio wields twin bones as symbols of its mastery over death. Unfortunately, it doesn't actually live up to its reputation.

Base Stats

Stats: HP-55 ATK-80 DEF-63 SP.ATK-62 SP.DEF-85 SPD-95 BST: 440

Base Stats
Hp. 55
Atk. 80
Def. 63
Sp. Atk. 62
Sp. Def. 85
Spd.  95
Best: 440

Moves upon Leveling

Start Teleport
Level 3 Hypnosis
Level 6 Glare
Level 13 Mean Look
Level 18 Leer
Level 24 Bone Club
Level 30 Shadow Punch
Level 37 Headbutt
Level 43 Bone Rush
Level 50 Bonemerang
Level 59 Perish Song
Level 65 Beat Up

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